Reactionary Times TV to Debut July 24th, Reactionary Times Radio adds 2 Hosts to Its Roster.


Reactionary Times is growing. Editorial Director Julio Rivera will be debuting an hourly TV program starting on July 24th featuring Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg as it’s first ever guest. The show will bring you the best and most notable political movers, shakers and opinion shapers. Look out for weekly segments featuring Israeli Correspondent David Weissman, John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Cindy Grosz on Educational Issues and the Reactionary Times own Elio Forcina.

On the radio side, Elio Forcina is debuting a weekly Sunday morning podcast today. Elio is an experienced political operative both in New York City and Nationally. He worked on Rick Santorum’s 2012 and 2016 Presidential campaigns.

In August, Christian Semper will be debuting his weekly podcast in which he will be giving his millennial perspective. Christian is a hard right leaning 25 year old which you have heard previously on several podcasts hosted by Julio Rivera.

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