Communism Causes Bad Breath


Communism always ends in an epic fail; too bad folks don’t do their research.

For some reason, liberals see Socialism as a “road to Utopia” instead of a segue, or “J.V.” version of Communism.

Venezuela is the latest example of turning an entire country into the Department of Motor Vehicles, except the DMV generally has toilet tissue in their rest-rooms.

A couple of years ago, Venezuela had a toilet-paper shortage.  Am I the only one to think, “Ewww”?  The State Bar of Texas did what they could to help by sending reams of grievances and appeals since they don’t read them anyway.

The Venezuelan monetary unit of the “bolivar” is now so devalued, I guess they could be used in a “pinch”, so to speak.

Venezuela is now rationing toothpaste; my Mom would totally freak out since she’s “militant” about tooth-brushing.  So now, questionable personal AND, oral hygiene at a national level?  It might be a good place to “set up shop” for a periodontist in a couple years.

If we taught both American and World History in schools instead of this “Social Studies” crap that puts cultures that run around chopping each other’s heads off on par with the dying Western Civilization, we might have a chance.

There is no denying the fact that President Maduro of Venezuela gets to wear some pretty b*tchin’ looking jewelry while he leads the country to h*ll in a hand-basket.

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