UPDATE: Reactionary Times Again Denied 1st Amendment Rights



The Warden at the Federal Medical Center, Devens, has affirmed their decision to deny an interview to Reactionary Times and Myself, Julio Rivera. The letter from the facility was addressed to General Counsel for the Reactionary Times, Attorney Elio Forcina.

This is in my opinion a gross perversion of the 1st Amendment. This Interview was mutually desired as an opportunity to tell an important story. One that should be of interest to the American people. The story of how double standards in the interpretation of our laws led Kristian Saucier to be sentenced to year in federal prison for 6 innocently taken photos on a 40-plus year old submarine while Hillary Clinton walks free after transmitting classified and highly sensitive communications on an unsecured server.

The American people should hear directly from Saucier how he feels about Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, an American traitor, getting a sentence commutation and retaining full Veteran’s benefits after leaking battlefield plans that endangered his fellow soldiers. The action by Manning may have cost American Lives. Saucier lost all his benefits for innocently taking 6 selfies inside a minimally secured area in an old submarine. These photos were taken as mementos to share with his family. That family has struggled with legal fees and a lack of wages since the family patriarch was imprisoned for something so benign that it would normally be handled with non-judicial punishment (NJP). There were 2 recent cases on the base that resulted in a loss of rank and a small fine, while the sailors were allowed to retain their careers, benefits and dignity.

This is another slap in the face following word that the Whitehouse had denied Saucier’s request for a pardon. President Trump had referred to the case several times while campaigning and it is obvious that elements friendly to the Clinton Campaign have kept this matter out of the direct view of President Trump.

This matter may very well be the greatest injustice of the past election cycle. A man used as a political prop by both campaigns, while his wife and baby teeter towards homelessness.

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