CNN: An American “Hemotional” Male


I hope Americans awaken from their “Walking Dead”/Cheezits induced stupors for long enough to realize that our country is turning into a “police state”.

I don’t even know what to say about CNN getting their panties, yes, panties in a wad over a GIF.  SMH.  My dad was a master of a deep and meaningful “face palm”; I can just see him doing it now.

CNN, who comes up with stories they pull from their nether regions is gonna’ “tell” on someone if they’re “mean” to them again?  Personally, I would apologize to CNN about the time monkeys fly out my bum.

On the heels of celebrating our country’s freedoms and rights, it’s ironic that over the past couple of years, I have had both a Twitter account closed, and another “shadow-banned”; I forget WHAT all Facist Book has done to me.  I merely exercise “Free Speech” to the best of my limited ability, exposing what the media doesn’t have the bits to do.  Then again, maybe the media is brainwashed like the exponentially growing cult of do-whatever-the-h*ll-you-want.

How dare a housewife expose money-laundering, coercion, collusion, forgery, lying, stealing, slander, theft, and fraud among “organizations”, not to mention, corruption in a State Bar?  A State Bar that “investigates” themselves.  What the h*ll could possibly go wrong?  It really stinks, that to top things off, the FBI itself is corrupted.  What are the chances?

We’re at least two generations deep into emasculated males in this country thanks to feminists.  The second generation of course, a consequence of seeing their fathers pee down their own leg during the middle of the night as not to wake their sleeping wives.

Universities have coddled, and  “dumbed down” students to the point they now need a “safe space”.  During WWII, a “safe space” for young men was a FOXHOLE.  To top things off, the mainstream media now has “tissue paper feeeelings” and investigates with the vigor of a corpse with post-mortem lividity.

I’m a proud descendent of an Irish ancestor born in York Pennsylvania in 1746, later fighting in the Revolutionary War.   I think he would be proud of me too, especially, for a girl.

“The Reactionary Times has a couple of things the mainstream media lacks.”

“Hemotional”~Christopher Harris




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