A Reactionary Times Series: Corruption In NYC Educational System Part 1


Corruption In Educational System, Mayoral Control, A Troubled Children’s Protection Service and a Biased Court System Make Headlines Everyday in NYC.

Cindy Grosz is a Trump supporter, a national education activist and currently many mayoral and city council candidates running in NYC are seeking her support and endorsement.  Last summer, she helped expose the on-goings in troubled schools in Queens, including how a principal offended the Jewish and Hindu communities. She was instrumental in writing the NY legislation overseeing the materials used in classrooms that passed the NY Assembly.  Until now, her own story in trying to expose wrongdoings in the public school system has been discussed very limitedly.

Grosz is an award-winning educator who taught in a failing school in a district filled with headline news of failure and what seems to be questionable practices.  The school she taught at made headlines in multiple scandals including her principal being arrested and making a plea bargain in a case defrauding the NYC Housing Authority.  The youth leader of the school’s non-profit organization, Young Leaders Institute, was arrested on fraud charges. This past May, the superintendent of the district was arrested and charged for forcibly touching and sexually abusing a staff member since 2013. These are some of the people Grosz had to deal with in an educational environment where students seemed doomed and failure inevitable.

Grosz tried to get help for the educators, parents, students and taxpayers by going to the proper officials within the union and city government offices. Instead, union and New York City Department of Education officials seemed to break whistleblower protection laws and attacked her. Over a decade since she first spoke out, and many years into her lawsuit, she can not get the appropriate discovery demands. It seems she can not get a fair trial.

Grosz witnessed among many the many violations of NYCDOE’s chancellors regulations, multiple state and federal laws broken in connection to many school issues including but not limited to: safety reporting and follow up documentation, special education documentation and records of student academic achievement. Many turned their heads and were intimidated into staying quiet. She stood up, reporting to the appropriate union leaders on the local and state levels and NYCDOE officials in several offices. Instead of fixing the problems, they took extreme steps that seemed to possibly break laws themselves, including the tampering of key evidence and witness testimony. As a national activist now, other whistleblowers around the country reached out to her and she has learned that her story is not the only one. Those few who seek to whistle-blow and report wrongdoing, get humiliated and fired, and are often as a result blacklisted from many other jobs.

Her lawsuit has been ongoing for over six years and the NYCDOE refuses to comply with discovery requests. This seems unheard of and unprecedented. The court system has allowed for repeated delays. In addition, since the lawsuit began many witnesses have had “questionable” legal issues since Grosz’s original reporting’s to various union and NYCDOE officials.

When asked whether she felt the court system had helped or hindered the process of her receiving justice, she answered, “Hindered — the NYPOST recently published an article about the shady system within the core of judicial politics. In my case, the NYCDOE paid for transcripts of the 3020 case, which started and accused me of wrongdoings AFTER my lawsuit began and was published in the New York Post. Anyone can read the transcript and see where there are inconsistencies, and attempts to tamper with the evidence and witness testimony by my opposition. The arbitrator wrote a lengthy answer not naming any of my witnesses or evidence. Without getting into all specific details, he had multiple testimony from witnesses from both sides of the case that borders on what seemed to be breaking several state and federal laws yet he ignored it.”

“Those who were involved in this 3020 and potentially broke laws should be investigated and charged accordingly if it relates.  One example is the federal and state laws on mandated reporting and the follow up documentation.  In. NYC, ACS is under investigation for the poor running of their offices as published in many media outlets.

Since Grosz was terminated, the school was downsized and its middle school closed, Several state elected officials tied to this lawsuit have been arrested and at one point been in jail. An assistant principal named in her lawsuit and supervising her in an unofficial capacity was a supervisor in a nearby Queens school where Simon Watts taught. Watts is a former teachers sitting in jail for 35 years after being sentenced for sexually assaulting five fourth grade students over a three-year period.


The Reactionary Times will contact the offices of the top mayoral candidates for reaction to this matter. Follow #ReactionaryTimesNYC for more information as it develops.


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