Why, those Muslim “scamps” are at it again.


Who could have seen this coming?!

*Newsflash* Macron=Trudeau=Castro…do your research folks.

Doesn’t “Calais” sound like a refreshing green-noted fragrance with hints of mimosa and orange-blossom?

NOT NO MO!!!  “Google” “Calais, France” for crying out loud!  It’s a filthy, fetid cesspool!!!

Are the French to blame for the stench*? Au contraire! The country is being INFESTED!!! (*Well, no more than usual)

I’m glad I was able to visit France before you had to worry about “no-go zones”, feces-contaminated chocolate crepes, “halal” meat or getting raped by some light-hearted fun-loving “diverse” young lads.

Adieu France, y’all had a chance to use some crazy, “out there” resources like history, statistics and common-sense, but you chose to sit on your derrieres and vote for a “straight-up” megalomaniac/retard.

France, you had better get “woke” and pull your heads OUT of your derierres so that you can at least get a running start before you get your “let-them-eat-cake” heads chopped off, and body likely violated….before or after is “OK-fine” with these barbarians.  Think about it.

It’s hard to believe it was France, that was responsible for the “metric system”; now it seems the entire country has their mental faculties impaired.

If only Archie Bunker was alive to see “Pollocks” being so dang genius in their immigration policy now.




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