The Associated Press….sorry not sorry.


Let me get this straight…..stories published on four different occasions by the Associated Press, turned out to be pure, unadulterated crap.

Journalistic integrity in the United States appears to be on the “endangered species list” with “truth” no longer the objective, but ratings and aggrandizement of the messenger. The only way to turn from the dangerous path is for this generation to rise up and say, “I’m not having it!” and then do something about it.

Tragically, the American justice system has turned into a permissive parent who lets little “Johnny” do whatever the hell he wants, then somehow finds a way to blame society for his behavior.

Sadly, unless folks pay up with money or time (read fines and  JAIL), will we right the ship of our nation which is headed to crash on the rocks of destruction.

While I have plenty on my plate at the moment, I will be pursuing charges against a myriad of media outlets for turning a blind eye given more than sufficient evidence of a litany of violations perpetuated a the highest levels in my own state.

When grown folk simperingly explain they, “didn’t do anything”, we need to remind them in the world of adults and consequences, “not doing anything” is quite simply “criminal negligence”.

“Our lives begin to end the moment we remain silent about things that matter.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

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