Media gets a “new one”, “Torn on the Fourth of July”


Why, how DARE Trump talk DIRECTLY TO THE BOURGEOIS!!!  Who does he think he is?!

The media curtain has been tossed aside; the once-powerful wizard of “idiocracy”, “outted”.

Who many thought was a “hero” to the “little guy”, turned out to be a white-legged geriatric man wearing black socks, with one of those coveralls old men wear with the built-in-belt, and embroidered “tiki”, “shield” or a “B”, if you’re a Mr. BuxTON.

Liberalism’s “ship” has sooo sailed.

A break in the media’s curtain o’ lies happened when we found out the Russia/Trump “dossier of pee” turned out to be a “load of crap.”

Or “W”’s vindication when the but-we-looked-really-really-hard media finally admitted weapons of mass destruction were found.

How about Susan Rice blathering away to nodding-in-agreement mainstream media talk-show hosts about an “inflammatory video”?  Really now.

“Seventeen different agencies”? Seriously? Did anyone in the media bother to check out Hillary’s lies?

If the media is controlled, so are the people. Get it? Didn’t y’all read 1984?

Serial-liar Brian Williams is back on air, after a “stern talking-to.” We should have known he was a liar; he has a crooked face.

The mainstream media never did dig into Obama’s cocaine use, Communist ties, bathhouse antics, sealed school records, laughable birth-certificate, fraudulent social-security number, or “mysteriously killed” lovers. Waiting, still waiting.

The media granted a “pass” to Hillary when she laughed off a child rapist she wormed off the legal hook in the 70’s, threatened Bill’s lovers, committed an ethics violation during Watergate, or used arguably the lamest “body double” ever, during the campaign.  Selling “yellow-cake” uranium to Russia? What could possibly go wrong?

A “pass” was given to one of the biggest “horndogs” to walk the planet in William Jefferson Clinton…..doesn’t that just sound presidential? Somehow, the media didn’t get their pants in a bunch, or think it was demeaning or adulterous in the least, for a young intern to be a sex-toy in our nation’s Oval Office…”on the clock” no less.

Lying is serious business, and should be treated as such. Decades of permissiveness and loosey-goosey “interpretive dancing” with the Rule of Law have turned our nation into tawdry banana republic.

One day Bill Clinton will be held accountable for gazing deep into the eyes of the American public only to FLAT OUT LIE TO OUR FACES aaaand “water-down” the definition of “sex” to an entire generation. Nice.

Millstones are heavy, Bill.

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