To Tweet or not to Tweet?


As someone who has had more than their fair share of confrontation on Social Media, (No Xan, surely not?) I feel uniquely qualified to comment on recent back and forths between a certain Potus & a certain adulterous cable show host

This week on the show we analyzed the confrontation that arose when Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski attempted to not only create copy for their show, but cover up a story The National Enquirer were going to share about them.

Mika and Joe were both married to other people and began an affair whilst hosting together and consequently divorced their partners and are now married to one another. That with dead interns and face lifts bleeding at Mar A Lago, we have one pretty wicked web that has been woven. With the level of feeling from some regarding The Donald, it was a genius plot to turn the tables and deflect from Joe and Mika’s bad behavior.

The true genius of this was to actually make “You” the people look stupid and so many of you fell into it hook, line and sinker. You see rather than face his action like a man, which we could respected, Scarborough tried to get help from Trump regarding The Enquirer story via Jared Kushner. Stating they had been unfair about Trump on their show, Kushner said they could always apologize.

Of course this translated in Trump Hate Language as Trumps Admin demanding an apology and yes the haters fell for it and believed it, because it’s Trump, it must be true. In typical Trump fashion, he took to Twitter to defend himself and quire rightly too. We all have first amendment rights to free speech, all except The President of course, or some would have you believe.

The Trump Hater Troop and his wife took to Twitter to express distress at his willingness to say these things, that were clearly Un-Presidential. Lets just hone in on that for a second. For the last 8 yrs we have had a Man in the Whitehouse who clearly cared more about everybody else than Americans, to the point of freeing terrorists, leaving Americans to die, funding terrorists and performing shadow initiatives to undermine Americans.

Still think Trump is Un-Presidential ?

Lets now get to the accusations that this is the most unconscionable thing to come from The Oval office. Lets not forget it housed a rapist who had sex with an intern, in The Oval Office and used a cigar to penetrate her and other such debauchery, yes: In the Oval Office. Tweeting to defend ones self is Un-Presidential?

The suggestion by some that when one becomes The President that it is undignified to respond to attacks on Social Media is frankly piffle. Agreed, one should be choosy as to what one replies too, how much abuse should one person take? Sorry, the answer Obama didn’t do it is disqualified and even he defended himself in ways people would consider underhand. Remember when he used the IRS to attack Conservatives & placed us on watch lists for disagreeing? I do!!

President Trump continues to refuse to be kicked publicly by his critics and describes his approach as MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. As someone who has been attacked, slandered, ridiculed and hated on Social Media for merely having an opinion, I really do have to concur. People don’t respond in this way if you are not making a difference and triggering some kind of response in them, even on a basic level.

The very idea that he should shut up and take it so not American and to label his every response as bullying is most hypocritical. Isn’t the commentary directed at him bullying or is that just one way? I get that people are not happy that he won and disagree with his positions and decisions. Believe me, there are things I don’t like about him and his policies, but I have to love America more than I dislike some things related to him.

He is trying hard to make America great again and all of this distraction, and that’s what it is, is not helpful. What do The Dems have to hide? What does Joe Scarborough have to hide? It is clear that the level of descent is partly to with protecting legacies and preventing the real truth about The Obama Administrations illegal activities from getting out. Aren’t we better than this? Aren’t we?

Love and peace, Xan xo



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    Excellent article!


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