Could “Ramadan Rage” Be Merely Low Blood-Sugar?


“Well, I know some folks become real “sassy Sals” when they get low blood-sugar; I won’t mention any names.” Krystle Scott, local girl.

I’ve been called “crazy” more than once, even “conservative” with an extra “t” thrown in, but how our country has allowed any Muslim immigration in this country defies LOGIC, law, and the Constitution.

The Koran clearly states that “infidels”, that’s you and me folks, are to be “smited about the neck”, get it?  This explains all their crazy head-chopping-off nonsense; burning cages and dough machines, not so much.

It must be the ultimate liberal conundrum for a gay liberal knowing they can never trust any “roof-top views” with Muslims around.   Rafiq, “You want free view of Empire State Building? I treat you.”

Where are the crazy PETA folks to stand up for goats and sheep who are taken to “dinner and a movie” forgetting both, of course.

Liberals love to stand behind a litter of children when it suits their purpose, especially if Joe Biden is “jonesing” getting to “second base” with a fifth-grader.

Where are the liberals standing up for Muslim “child-brides”, many heinously mutilated?  

Where are all the nasty feminists to stand up for the Muslim women forced to wear “Hefty” bags and be beaten at the drop of a hat….or burka.

Oh yeah, let’s be sucked dry by importing folks who hate our guts.  The Tsarnev family scored 100K in social services and benefits.  Liberals, y’all are crazy.

Winston Churchill had Muslims figured out decades ago; the brilliant patriot would be labeled a “hater” today; he dared study history.

What is your opinion of the Refugee Resettlement? Share your opinion in the comments section below.




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