Obama, the “creeper” President goes missing!


Have you ever watched one of those crime shows where the perpetrator schmoozes himself into the crowd surrounding a crime-scene innocently inquiring with tilted head, “What happened?”  Or heard, “The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime”?

In this vein, Mr. “Borders-Like-A-Sieve” will continue to grace us with his presence in D.C., STILL.  He’s not going away anytime soon, much like a raging case of hemorrhoids.

Of course, he’ll be in a WALL-surrounded house walking distance from a mosque, which is important since Iranian born Jarrett will apparently be joining Satan’s version of “Full House”.    The 5.3 million dollar Obama mansion is but 13 minutes from the White House, scene of “… the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Obama’s like a guest who drones on long past your bed-time ignoring your hints of exaggerated “yawns”, except this “guest” was a plant Valerie Jarrett’s father Vernon Jarrett warned us about in the Chicago paper in the late 70’s.

But wait!  Where’s the embodiment of a one-night-stand between “Multiculturism” and “Affirmative Action” NOW?  You have to do a legitimate “search” on the internet to find where the Muslim miscreant is hiding out now.

He should be the annoying little brother tittering behind the couch as the older brother chats on the phone, but no, Obama is strangely silent now.  We all know he never met a camera he doesn’t like, and the foreigner just loves telling us, “That’s not who we are.”

Maybe his mouth is just “full” or then again, maybe he’s on an “extradition free” island in French Polynesia.  What could go wrong?



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