As someone who has been on both sides of the political spectrum, I try not to generalize and encourage others not to do so either. When we make commentary about any one section of the community, there is for some a need to put them in a box. I get that if you are trying to discover trends about a demographic, but people are really not that simplistic, thankfully.

In the last few days I have become aware of syndrome I have decided to call CCP Syndrome. The symptoms are glaring but alas, do not fear, there is a free cure available. There is a need for both Democrats and Conservatives to think of “the other side” in a particular way in order to feel better about their choices/assumption etc.

The media knows it and actually relies on it to spread their toxic rhetoric and so do the Political Parties. Liberals are all one way and Conservatives another and one has to conform to a tick box list in order to somehow fit in or perhaps be thought of in a certain way. I call this cookie cutter politico syndrome and sadly we all conform to it, some even unconsciously.

The scary element in all of this is that it’s actually a method of control and is fixed into our thinking cycle. For some it’s more about who they aspire to be than who they actually are. As someone that identifies as Republican there is actually an expectation attached to that title. Some of those things include that I will be pro life, pro death penalty, pro guns, anti immigration etc, which are all seen as core components of Conservatism.

Whether I identify one way or another should never mean totally conforming to fit a certain agenda. I never trust anyone who conforms 100% to party lines as it denotes compliance and not consideration. Our free thinking should extend to our political ideologies and we should feel free not to be automatons and think for ourselves.

The Media and the parties would not have you think this way or they would totally lose their control. The myth therein lies in how we are actually made to feel less of something for choosing to disagree with any particular component of the ideology. We should never be taking the watered down opinions of other and asserting them as our own, unless we really fully agree.

As I said there is a cure for CCP syndrome and it is very simple and something I have said before. Question and analyze everything, from whichever direction it comes from. All policy, ideology or opinion is formulated not including your perspective in the equation and your analysis is actually the end result. Your perspective.

Being told what to think and what to believe is highly suggestive and very easy to miss. Is it MK Ultra mind control?? Well in a way yes, but only if you let it be. The Media nowadays is sadly not about the facts, but merely opinion paraded as fact, paid for by whoever wants to control the tone of the information provided.

During the election this was highly visible from the particular direction a News Outlet took in their reporting of alleged facts. Sources say or we can now reveal have become the buzz words of media and it’s a cop out for actually basing a story on the facts. Disturbing right?? That’s not even the most concerning part. They print such rot and hope the person can’t afford to sue and this has replaced having to use the word “Allegedly”

Sources revealed today that Xander Gibb weighs 100lbs and is going to become a Hollywood Heartthrob imminently. I even have a meme to prove it so it must be true right?  It is so easy to be drawn in and to be told what to think and how to be, but you can break the chain. Take a step back, remember you are an individual and are not required to confirm to consider yourself a true anything unless it is a XanFan   Love & Peace Xan xo


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  1. CV Berton says:

    Great article by Xander Gibb! Shared. People are easily propagandized if they are kept dim, dull and drugged. This is why the left did what they did to our educational system – they all but destroyed it.


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