A Post-Mortem of American Mainstream Media


For some time, many have noticed the only difference that remains between the American mainstream media and “Pravda”, is that the American media remains in English.

It bears noteworthy, the cozy association between a totalitarian government and media as a mere tool of propaganda.  Even more dangerous than a lie, is a half-truth; this likely the means of seducing a large part of the country without their knowing it.

Some are familiar with the children’s party game of “telephone” where one quietly whispers a phrase in their neighbor’s ear.   They, in turn, continue the process until the last person in the circle has been secretly given the phrase.  When the last person in the game declares to all present the phrase they heard, hilarity ensues as the end-product bears little resemblance to the true, or original statement.  The point, bears witness to the need for a standard with which to test what we choose to call “news”, not hearsay that results in tittering, or just happens to fit our agenda.

Centuries ago, the customary measurement of the “foot” was based on the length of a king’s foot, not a tenable standard for long; obsolete with the next administration.  A standard must be immutable, transferable, and most importantly accurate, not based on administration du jour.

The media’s standard used to be truth; now it’s ratings.  Can we force the mainstream media to commit to a standard? Likely, not.   We must first find the standard ourselves, a scary endeavor for some.  It also takes time, work and research.

Americans must cease to be mere “baby birds” eagerly awaiting the predigested vomitus of the mainstream media “mama”.  The media loathes Trump for having the audacity to deliver “tweets” directly to the American people over which they have no input, spin, or control; liberals love them some control.








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