The Thought Police’s Bullying via Mainstream Media is Tantamount to Modern Segregation


Most Americans are aware of the days of segregation, and accompanying separate seating, entrances and water-fountains for blacks.  It’s over, right?

Don’t be naive, segregation still exists.  It’s simply more insidious; segregation of “thought“.   If you are white, you can “drink” from the liberal or conservative “fount”…no problem.  However, if you are an American minority, liberals cajole, ridicule and worse those who dare come to the conservative fount.

Liberals think minorities should drink from the fount of mental giants such as Sheila Jackson Lee, Joe Biden or Maxine Waters.  Why?  Drinking from the liberal fount effectively translates into suckling off the government teat which means more power for the liberals in control; hence the rush for “undocumented Democrats”.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, so to maintain power, liberals dangle a “carrot” of “entitlements” to those too ignorant to realize that they are still being forced to sit in the back of the bus, shooed from having any input as to the direction of the bus.

The liberal “bus” is off the rails, having “booed” the Lord God Almighty, disproportionately subsidizing abortions of the very minorities the liberals claim to “protect”, and throwing God’s chosen people of Israel under the bus; a direct violation of Scripture.

The “rails” of our country are based on Mosaic Law, but liberals “know better” and kowtow to “feeelings”over logic busying themselves ginning up fresh crops of victims because liberals love to be “heroes”.  Of course the money for the liberal’s “altruistic” ventures are extracted by government force; charity indeed.  With no victims there can be no heroes; don’t be a victim.

What media sources do you find to be the most honest and impartial? Share your opinion in the comments section below.



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