Liberalism Makes Women Ugly

A picture can say a thousand words;  Youtube a helluva lot more.  Less than four years ago she was a classic beauty; celestial nose, long flowing hair, coquettish look…….NOT NO MO!

What happened to the former quintessencial California blond babe who ends up getting “decked” in the face by a patriot at the ridiculous #ButthurtConvention Berkely riots?  Liberal academia, that’s what.  Sent off to that “rite of passage” for some, a university re-education.

In the timeframe of  her quest for knowledge, this young lady goes all “Whoopi Goldberg” (sorry for the “visual”) with her hair, including pits, and starts dressing like a combination of female gym-teacher meets Fonzi.   I digress, but how do you really get in and scrub your hair and scalp properly with them things?

Next thing you know, our little rebel is planning on gathering “Nazi” scalps; they would no doubt beat her “do” for sure.  Not only that, she planned on throwing M-80’s (firecrackers) in glass bottles into crowds of people who ascribe to crazy notions like God, country, and the “Rule of Law.”

Our ANTIFA girl’s posted FaceBook plans for scalp-taking and lacerations were soon flattened as flat as the beauty’s nose likely is now.  We’re all getting pretty sick and tired of George Soro’s paid agitators causing violence, strife and division in their wake.  A patriot had enough did something about it.

In a world before the insanity of liberalism, discontent, rebellion and “perpetually-butthurt-over-their-gender” feminists, the girl in our story would have been happily married to that Marine.  (Ezra Levant video below)











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