Is this still America??


Ever wake up and wonder were you are? Have to scratch you head at the Bizzaro-burgh that you are living in right now? Right is wrong and black is white and dare to question it or you are racist, even when Race is not involved in the topic?

Media claims authentication based on “an unnamed source” and that we don’t really need evidence of collusion because that Donald Trump is clearly a bad guy, right?? Wrong!   Of course it’s not wrong you say, it must be true. I’ve seen him on the TV saying “You’re fired” and he did say those bad things about women that were recorded without his permission in a private conversation? He’s on Twitter sharing his opinions about others, that’s not what Twitter is for is it? Isn’t it for sharing cute cat pics and recipes for cake and dip etc?

Everyone knows he’s on Putin’s pay roll and he hates Jews and Blacks and will end up putting the gays in internment camps and don’t even get me started on how he hates Muslims. It says it in the papers so it must be true and even fellow Republicans hate him, so he really must be bad and he had 2 scoops of ice cream which means he is greedy too. Rosie hates him and she’s the epitome of all that is good right??? WRONG!!!!

Wake up America and smell the damn cofveve because I am here to tell you that you are being hoodwinked and allowing the Deep State Revenge for Hillary losing, to brainwash you into total submission. To accept everything the media, any media tells you, without researching it further is the most dangerous thing you could ever do. It is not only dangerous but also UN-American and irresponsible to boot.

Donald Trump spent a long time working on the TV Persona of this tough, no nonsense CEO who would cut you down and eviscerate you for merely looking the wrong way and was clearly very good at it. I totally get why some people may thing that was the true Donald Trump, but lets be realistic, he played a role so well that Middle America found it difficult to separate the man from the myth.

I get it as I was a #NeverTrumper, right up until the point he won the nomination, and then something shifted for me. It was time to see beyond the veneer of the TV Donald Trump and look at the man behind the mask. Was he perfect, no? Was he an experienced Politician? Hell no, but lets face it we let a community organizer mess things up and sell us down the river for 8 years, and this guy had at least run a successful business.

He won the election fair and square and the least every freedom loving American owes him is a chance to do the job before writing him off totally in order to be seen as cool or just to save face. Many have done that and based upon the performance to date, on many levels he is doing a great job. Jobs are up, we are safer here than we have ever been and he seems to be doing what he promised to do on the campaign trail.

Unproven accusations of Russian collusion were investigated and owning a case of Stolichnaya does not a colluder make. Exercising his right and doing the best for America, he fired Jim Comey and rightly so. Even the recent hearings proved that Comey had been manipulated by AG Lynch to let Hillary of the hook and that he had let his political leanings guide him more than the law of the land.

They couldn’t prove Mr. Trump colluded with the Russians, and even though there was a wealth of evidence that Hillary had, Uranium sales, $500000.00 in speaking fees for rapey Bill and donations the Clinton foundation etc. One only sees what ones eyes want to see. Bob Mueller then comes along with more invented charges of Obstruction of Justice, based upon Comey’s accusations.

So let’s get this straight, Mueller advises Trump to fire Comey, his mentor and then wants to investigate him for firing Comey as obstruction of justice. Is this still America and if it is, why are some of the American Public too stupid to see that this is the biggest Witch Hunt in this great nation ever? Wake up America before it’s too late.

This is before we even get to Steve Scalise & others being shot as a direct result of trickle down hate towards Mr. Trump and Conservatives in general. Kathy Griffin and her severed Trump Head effigy, Shakespeare in the park depicting Trumps Assassination, Snoop Dogg depicting Trumps Assassination. Madonna saying she wants to blow up The Whitehouse. No you’re right there is no connection whatsoever. Nothing to see here.

If you are stupid enough to be spoon fed this constant train of lies and deception from the left, you are part off the problem and guilty by your inaction. Even Nancy Pelosi after initially saying some positive things about us all coming together blamed Trump for Scalise being shot as did Mark Sanford. We have to stop the rot before its too late and stop constant barrage of lies and the never ending accusations and attacks directed at our President.

I don’t care if you like Trump or not. Let’s face it we all had to tolerate Obama for the sake of America and wanting Mr. Trump to fail is wanting America to fail. His failure is America’s failure too.  We have to stop this now and make America great again while we still can. It’s up to you. Do you want to me a mindless automaton, questioning nothing or will you be like me, A Patriot and fight for this great country, the greatest there ever was? What will you do???

Love and Peace Xan xo

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