Ivanka Pushes JOBS, JOBS, JOBS: ‘6 million available jobs’


In an effort to bring a surge in substantial full time hiring, Ivanka Trump has been dispatched for Workforce Development week touting a plan expanding opportunities outside of traditional 4 year College.

“We’re visiting one of the examples of skills-based learning and skills-based education, a technical school in Wisconsin which we’re very excited to talk about the skills gap,” Ivanka said on Monday. “To highlight the fact that there is a viable path beside a four-year college experience.”

With the House voting on the Perkins Act, a plan to spend 1 billion dollars for educational endeavors in trade based curriculum, Ivanka must successfully articulate the need for an expansion in trained trade school candidates to fill the 6 million available jobs currently in the market.

The Trump Administration has been bogged down on the defensive recently due to the “Comey Leak” of a memo, through an associate to the press. The Republican members of Congress have to look to get rolling on their agenda if they are to accomplish enough before the 2018 midterm to maintain both chambers.

Do you agree with government spending towards expanded opportunities for trade education? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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