“This Is For Allah”: Is Terror The New Normal?



There is no way that the left can spin this. We have to be vigilant. At any moment you, your family and your closet friends can be murdered.

The refugee resettlement pushed by German Chancellor Angela Merkle and other globalist figures has been a disaster. There is no logical argument for this any longer.

Innocent people will continue to die.

The time has come for Americans to stand with President Trump as he takes his Travel Ban case to the Supreme Court. The evidence as to why we need this restriction is bled on London Bridge. It was sprayed onto the Manchester Arena during the Ariana Grande Concert.

The world is under attack. The enemy is radical Islam. We cannot sit and pretend that Europe is not endangering the world.


Radical Islamists will tell you that America is the great Satan. The truth is that the devilish agents of fundamentalist Islam are carrying out the Devil’s will.

We must stand with our president as he fights to stop these horrific tragedies in our country.

Consider your children and loved ones…

God Help Us.

Do you Support President Trump’s Travel Ban? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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