Mainstream Media Delusion focuses on Jared Kushner


Reports surfaced Friday that a suggestion was made by Jared Kushner, advisor to the Trump Administration to Russia’s ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak, at Trump Tower that communications between DC and the Kremlin be facilitated via Russian communication channels.

In the wake of an all out assault against the current President from within, via traitorous leaks, it makes sense that communications should be kept as direct as possible. It may have been done by Kushner with the intent to keep classified communications as secretive as possible.

It was almost instantaneously packaged as fodder for the “Collusion” obsessed mainstream media, as they look to fan the non-existent flames of the Russian election narrative they have been selling to their liberal constituency.

With speculation mounting at the time of the transition that Russia may have interfered with the election, there could have been a very good reason for Kushner to make such a request. If Kushner thought the Russians were the source of the DNC leaks, making them responsible for the security of the communications would have made them accountable for any information getting out.

Get it now? The mainstream media apparently doesn’t…

Is there any limit to the media’s lack of integrity in attacking the Trump Administration? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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