Another Attack In Europe: When Will The People Rise And Say #EndGlobalism


Over 20 dead, over 50 injured…

We’ve seen it too many times. The frequency has increased since the globalists in Europe have decided that the islamification of the world was a good idea.

From Paris, to Brussels, to sexual assaults and brutal rapes occurring all across Europe the time to end this insanity is upon us. It is incumbent on the people of Europe to speak up and challenge their delusional leadership that is consistently putting them in harm’s way.

Germany has absorbed almost 400,000 “refugees” since the resettlement program through the United Nations and humanitarian groups began. What has occurred is a boom in the pepper spray industry as European women, scared for their safety have opted to attempt to defend themselves. Too bad they don’t have the 2nd Amendment in Europe. They have unfortunately become a continent that willingly opened its doors to allow its own victimization.

When will they learn???

What is your opinion on the refugee resettlement program? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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  1. Jason Ell says:

    Julio Rivera, you’re an idiot. Given the size and population of Europe and the ease with which radicals can enter and move amongst It, ofcourse the frequency will be greater than anywhere else. Terrorists might be the worst kind of monster, but morons like you are not without guilt for the hatred and ignorance and fear mongering you peddle.


  2. Shut up you ill informed yank look at the state of your own country with ” the second amendment ” no wonder America is despised around the world when it is full of wankers like you


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