Roger Ailes: Architect of the Greatest Conservative Platform Ever Dead at 77


Roger Ailes has passed away at the age of 77.

The former republican advisor created a conservative news alternative that helped prevent an Al Gore presidency in 2000 and provided a strong contrast for many young voters verses the MTV Network which dominated in political clout in that demographic throughout most of the 90’s.

He was hired by Rupert Murdoch in 1996, during the middle of the scandalous Clinton Administration. He labeled his product as a “Fair and Balanced” alternative to a heavily left leaning mainstream media.

The results were extraordinary. He to Fox News to the top of the cable news world behind his concept that was responsible for one of the greatest runs in television history with the recently cancelled “The O’Reilly Factor.”

He was credited with helping to promote the Tea Party movement which enabled victories in consecutive mid-term elections as the country looked to reject the far left policies of President Barack Obama.

He was outed from the network in 2016 after allegations of sexual harassment were made public.

How will you remember Roger Ailes? Tell us in the comments section below.



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