3,000 Troops Requested in Fight Against Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan


With a resurgent Taliban exerting its will in Afghanistan, the U.S. is looking to expand its forces in the region.

American forces are looking to set up a new strategy that would give broader authority for airstrikes and lift many Obama-Era restrictions that limited the mobility of American advisors on the battlefield.

“The review is an opportunity to send a message that, yes, the U.S. is going to send more troops, but it’s not to achieve a forever military victory – rather, it’s to try to bring about a negotiated end to this conflict,” Andrew Wilder, an Afghanistan expert at the U.S. Institute of Peace, told the Washington Post.

Afghanistan is currently suffering through military shortfalls and requested U.S. assistance in addition to the 8,400 troops currently deployed there. A proposal calling for an addition 3,000 fighters is expected to be met with resistance by some in the President’s inner circle.

Do you support the idea of putting more “boots on the ground” in Afghanistan? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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