Reactionary Times TV is Coming Soon!


Reactionary Times TV is set to launch in Summer 2017! Hosted by Julio Rivera, Editorial Director for it will be a political talk show featuring the most important news stories of the day and the most interesting and controversial political voices on TV and Radio.

We have seen a pronounced backlash against legitimate conservative news sources since the rise of President Donald Trump. Media sources have attempted to frame non- Liberal news outlets as “fake news” while continuing to distort facts in an attempt to confuse lesser informed voters.

Even social media outlets like Facebook has come under fire for attempting to silence or slow conservative themed media with Steven Crowder’s Conservative Review show, “Louder with Crowder” specifically being targeted.

Recently the firing of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News over allegations of sexual harassment has dealt conservative media a major blow. Many sources have perpetuated a smear campaign against another Fox Host, Sean Hannity, who has been proactive in defending himself against the sensational claims.

What the future holds for conservatives on TV remains to be seen, but the recent shakeup at Fox has many fearing that the conservative powerhouse may make a shift in its ideological position. Some fear it may already be happening. One thing is certain however, Fox became Number one in News because the people appreciate a conservative news source that refuses to pull punches.

Please join us this Summer as we usher in a new conservative Internet TV outlet that seeks to “shake up” the media landscape.

“Apparently being a conservative host will subject you to unsubstantiated claims and speculation. Reactionary Times TV will be bold and unapologetic as we call out the mainstream media for their hypocrisy and fight to bring you the truth.” – Julio Rivera, Host of Reactionary Times TV

What would you like to see on Reactionary Times TV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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