New French President Will Continue Self-Destructive Policies of Germany

Emmanuel Macron won election in France with 66% of the Vote this weekend. This is disturbing and may signal the beginning of a decline in the momentum of Nationalism that had launched the Brexit movement in Europe in my opinion.

Politicians like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders celebrated the victory. He congratulated the people of France while stating that the people of France, “rejected racism and xenophobia.”


Racism and Xenophobia? Please… The French people basically told the Muslim world that Sharia Law and its inhumane treatment towards women and gays are tolerable. They insinuated that widespread violence and sexual assault against women is acceptable. They invited an enemy that wants to destroy their society and take morality backwards 1400 years to move into their guest bedrooms.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who’s country had suffered record numbers of sexual assaults since the mass resettlement of Syrian refugees began praised Macron’s victory and his push for a “United European Union.”

Some Stats on Crime in Germany since this misguided refugee began (Credit

The data comes from 13 of the 16 states which make up the Federal Republic of Germany.

The number of crimes by immigrants rose in comparison over 2014 to 2015 by 79 percent.

The number of criminal offenses rose to 208,344 – 92 000 more than in the previous year. But the BKA states: “The vast majority of asylum seekers commit no crime.”

The number of crimes by immigrants rose in comparison over 2014 to 2015 by 79 percent, the number of refugees increased at the same time by 440 percent.

Crime rose steadily in the first six months of the year but tapered of to become almost stagnant by the end of it, even though more refugees arrived in the second half.

Assaults, robberies and what Germany classes as “predatory extortion” and “offences against person freedom,” including threatening behavior, doubled over 2014 with 36,010 cases, accounting for 18 percent of the crime total.


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