No Chance in Hell. Without Regulatory and Tax Reform.


President Donald Trump, known as a businessman while campaigning for President of the United States made a brilliant appointment for Small Business Administration Administrator in Linda McMahon.

The former CEO of WWE Entertainment transformed, along with her husband Vince McMahon, a regional wrestling company into a global multimedia juggernaut, with subsidiaries ranging from Sports Entertainment to Music and Original Films.

Some of the promises Trump made on the campaign trail were to lower the corporate tax rate to 15 % from 35%, to reform the health insurance industry and to remove two regulations for every new regulation put into law.

Tuesday morning McMahon told Fox and Friends, “When I was traveling around talking to some small businesses, healthcare premiums and healthcare costs were a big, big issue for small business owners. Premium costs were a big, big issue for small business owners. Premium costs were doubling at least, sometimes tripling year-over-year and it was really hard for them to provide healthcare.”

“The regulatory environment was so strict on the community banks,” Mcmahon continued. “Now community banks knew their customers. They knew when they could take a little bit of a risk on that customer. When the new regulations came in it really handcuffed the community banks. I spoke to the community banks yesterday, a little over 200 of them, at the White House. They really are hoping to see this regulatory reform rolled back because they will be able to help small businesses more.”

With almost 95 million Americans out of the labor force, what would you suggest Mrs. McMahon do to stimulate small business growth? Give your opinion in the comments section below.

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