Tillerson Questions Russia’s Complicity as Iran joins Russia in Warning America



Has Russia been involved in helping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad? Whether Russia is being either “Complicit” or “Incompetent” is what United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson among others in the Trump administration now question.

If that wasn’t enough to wrap your head around, now militias supporting the brutal dictatorship of Assad and made up of  forces including Russia and Iran said the Tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian air base Thursday was tantamount to crossing “red lines,” and it would respond to further aggression as well as increase their support for the Assad’s government.

The governments of Russia and Iran have previously issued a direct warning to Donald Trump agreeing that the US missile strike crossed a ‘red line’ and that further US action in Syria will lead to retaliation.

President’s Vladimir Putin of Russia and Hassan Rouhani of Iran said American military intervention against Bashar Assad was a “violation of international law” in telephone talks.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States should expect Russia to take a tougher stance against Syria by reevaluating its relationship with Assad because “every time one of these horrific attacks occurs, it draws Russia closer into some level of responsibility.”

Russia was tasked with carrying out inspections for chemical weapons in Syria after the 2013 Syrian chemical weapons attack carried out by Assad against his people.

Was Russia complicit in helping Syria circumvent international law? Share you opinion in the comments section below.


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