Media: From “watchdogs” to “lapdogs”


There was a time when the media was a sentinel for the American people, not simply a public relations “arm” for a liberal administration.  The solid election of Trump shocked and horrified both the Obama Administration and the mainstream media alike, but for different reasons.

The Administration went into panic mode after the election concocting in junior-high fashion, the “squirrel” of “fake news.”  Seriously?  Why fake news?   Simple, to throw a “shadow of a doubt” to any who would be torn away from the “teat” of mainstream press, and cast aspersion on the horror to come.

Andrew Breitbart gave all that he had in pursuit of truth and begged the American people to do what came so naturally to him; BECOME the “New Media.”  I read “Righteous Indignation” shortly before Andrew died, and I can honestly say it was life-changing.  Andrew’s book is the antithesis of the Left’s unholy book “Rules for Radicals” which is literally dedicated to Lucifer.

We have access to so much information at our fingertips.  Granted, we need to be discerning, and commit ourselves to truth, but we must PURSUE IT.   October 13th of 2016 I happened upon the news of an Al Qaeda arrest in my very own Texas county.  I would trust the source with my life, and thankfully journalist Kevin Jackson trusted me. The tip went national the first day.

Yesterday, in messaging with a Canadian, I received tantalizing scoop on Justin Trudeau, which I have long suspected; it has huge ramifications.   Asking if I could quote her releasing only her initials, she agreed.

Where is the mainstream press on this?  Why is a country housewife from a trailer in West Texas doing what Woodward, Bernstein, Sinclair and others USED to do?  Do you love God, Truth and your country more than yourself, and do you want a better world for your children and grandchildren?   If so, get out there, BE the “New Media.”

Is the mainstream media biased? Give us your opinion in the comments section below.







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