US aggression in Syria is bad news for Russia



The world awaits the fallout of last nights Tomahawk Missile attack on one of Syria’s 6 major air combat installations and the one believed to responsible for launching Wednesday’s chemical weapons attack against innocent Syrian citizens.

The one major player in this play who has an economice interest in the preservation of the Assad regime is Russia. Based on the cost of domestic oil production for President Putin he is compelled to continue to defend the actions of an unrestrained dictator that just threw him under the bus.

Russia was tasked with the responsibility via the United Nations of ensuring the chemical weapons stockpiles of Syria were identified and destroyed. The fact that Assad would act so brazenly here puts pressure on the rest of the world to oust the brutal dictator for carrying out his 2nd chemical weapons attack in 4 years.

US intervention came unexpectedly quickly. It may prove to have been insufficient if this escalates into war as the element of surprise has been taken away. If they had waited a day to get carriers in position they could have launched an offensive against ALL of Syria’s important military installations.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s tone today seems to send a message that the United States may be looking to remove Assad from power. This may or may not signal a potential war may be looming.

How this dicey situation is handled over the next couple of days may dictate whether or not this translates to a warning shot to Assad to never employ chemical weapons again and submit to new UN inspections not carried out by his most powerful ally or whether we fired first in a full scale war.


Is this the beginning of World War 3? Let us know your take in the comments section below.

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