Ted Koppel; You are wrong, Sean Hannity is good for America and here is why.


In a CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ segment, Ted Koppel, an experience news journalist said that he thought Fox News commentator Sean Hannity is bad for America.  Here is where you are wrong Mr Koppel.

Sean Hannity has never in all the years I have watched him mislead the American people.  He was clear with his job details. He is a radio talk show host and a commentator.  He has never lied to people on any of his shows.  His shows, which include opinions with facts, gets people to think, even research and question to what is really going on in the world.

What is really bad for America are the actual journalists who do mislead the people with their biased agenda, which is supposed to be unbiased.  Why didn’t Mr. “journalist” put his colleagues in his place for misleading the people?  Ever since President Trump announced he was running for President last year, journalism is dead.  Since Sean Hannity has always been honest on who he is and what he does, he has earned my trust and the trust of millions of American viewers and listeners.

He also gives guests equal time on his show and they come from variety of backgrounds and  religions and he is not afraid to ask the tough questions.  I will never forget this fact from during the last war with Hamas.  Fake news always portrayed Israel to be this evil empire. Hannity actually took the time to come to Israel and found out what was really going on.   I also remember when the media was worshiping Barack Obama, he investigated his past to warn the public that Obama would destroy America from the inside, and you know what, he was right.

We need more commentators like Sean Hannity who is not afraid to use his 1st American amendment rights of  “freedom of speech.”  He is one of the people who have inspired me to be the blunt, opinion based on facts writer I am today.   I believe since Sean Hannity has fought for the American people, it is time we fight for him and others like him.

As far as what is bad, shame on you Ted Kopple for not holding journalists like Rachel Maddow, Van Jones, Megyn Kelly and others, accountable for their wrongfully biased journalism.  The fact that you edited the video to make Hannity look bad proves to me that you Mr. Kopple are no longer interested in honest journalism. You owe Sean Hannity an apology.

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  1. Jean A Miller says:

    Play it all Ted!! What a stinking liberal!!


  2. Great Commentary David! I posted it on my FB page. I think the news has been lying to us much, much longer than we know. My father-in-law has been dead for almost 21 yrs. now, and I remember him refusing to read some newspapers, and listen to certain broadcasters because they were very biased. I believe that GOD has used Pres. Trump’s campaign, and now Presidency, to expose so much of what was going on behind the scenes in our government, and media. Thank GOD!! People no longer accept ALL that they hear and read as TRUTH! (well at least half of the people). It’s scary to realize just how much control we have been under, but I think by GOD’S Grace we found out just in time!!


  3. Shay Thrasher says:

    Thank u for this article. I love Hannity and his no BS approach


    • Carol Meldrum says:

      I AGREE!! Ted, I’m VERY surprised at you Thought you were more intelligent than you think you are!!! I watched you for years for the truth! BUT NO MORE TED, you are worse than the rest because YOU KNOW BETTER!!


  4. Teresa Mulligan says:



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