We Need A Hero: Who will emerge in the Senate to save us from Obamacare light?


The healthcare debate is truly the most important policy issue on the table now. It directly affects every American across all demographics. The average cost of healthcare for an American is $9,024, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development which is more than double the $3,971 that it costs in England.

We can all agree that Obamacare has been a failure. Government traditionally does a disservice to the affordability of private services with heavy handed regulations. It’s as if bureaucrats and legislators consider themselves experts in all matters whether or not they have a clue about it. The stated intention of the “Affordable” Care Act was to lower premiums and to provide cost stability but it failed miserably and grew entitlement spending to never before seen levels though Medicaid expansion in many states.

The truth is that the only option to save the American healthcare market is for government to get out of the way. We have allowed government to destroy any chance at reasonable premiums via unreasonable and unrealistic promises made by politicians who themselves are exempted from living under the provisions they signed into law.

Ted Cruz set DC on fire in 2013 as he led the charge to repeal and replace what was already growing into a disaster and his calling for sanity led to a government shutdown that paved the way for what was supposed to be a conservative revival with the midterm election of 2014. The historic gains in the House of Representatives and the GOP regaining the Senate resulted in mostly more of the same in DC.

This flawed version of comprehensive Healthcare reform if passed, will be every bit as doomed as its predecessor. The Democrats installed a ticking time-bomb set to go off in the 2018 midterms when they passed legislation requiring insurance companies to take in new policy holders with preexisting conditions. The also essentially made healthcare a right and spent millions on ad campaigns that signed up many people who aren’t paying a dime for the coverage they enjoy.

The Republicans aren’t exactly in a no win situation here. It would require a new strategy that does not include the American Healthcare Act. They will be painted as unsympathetic if they pass any bill that eliminates the ability to get insurance if you are already sick but keeping the provision is a recipe for disaster and an unsustainable business model for insurance companies.

A free market solution is the only real answer. Selling insurance across state lines as President Trump has proposed goes a long way towards helping get costs down. Senator Rand Paul has proposed a bill that allows for a two-year period where people with preexisting conditions can get insurance. After that period ends, people with preexisting conditions would be protected only if they continuously maintained coverage.

Whether or not the GOP retains control of the for the 2nd half of President Trump’s term is heavily dependent on whether they get this one key issue right. As the fight goes to the Senate we will see whether or not a hero will emerge in the 11th hour.


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