Open letter to Trump: Let refugees into liberal populated cities. Maybe then they’ll realize the Danger.

I think it is time for liberals to have a taste of reality.   Obviously watching fake news and listening to idiotic celebrities has brain washed their minds to what is going on in the world today.  Liberals forgot 9/11/01, the day radical Islam has declared war on America.

Liberals continue to harass President Trump to drop the ban he is trying to put in place.  This is ban is not a “Muslim ban” but a terror ban.  It restricts territories that have high terrorism activity. With the help of Obama arming terrorist in these territories whether intentional or unintentional  no one knew who is who in these territories.    Without a proper vetting system these terrorist will easily enter the country. Just like France, Germany and the Netherlands terrorist attacks will happen.  Not only are they happening in Europe but terrorist happens daily in Israel. Fake news may call it “Palestinian” terror attack but reality it is Radical Islam.

Why am I writing this article, I will tell you.  A few judges have decided to block President Trump’s travel ban  This puts American lives at risk.  What these judges must realize is the terrorism that will come when these “refugees” come in.  I think this is going to be the only way liberals will learn, which is the hard way.  Terrorist do not see Republican, Conservative, Liberal or Democrat, they see America which who they already declared  war on.  Iran regime which is the head of radical Islam chants death to America continuously.   If liberals use the cop out oh Trump is mean for separating families, they need to wake up and realize ISIS, Hamas, etc. train young children to do terrorist acts.  These cowards send out women and children as suicide bombs or knife attacks like they do in Israel against civilian population.  President Trump is not trying to be mean, he is doing his job to protect you  All Americans, conservative, liberal, men, women, straight or gay, Christians, Jews and Muslims.  Think about it, these terrorist fight their own people like they do in Syria.  What makes you think they will be peaceful to Muslim Americans?  They will stop at nothing to get their global domination accomplish and liberals are aiding them.

To sum it up, I think President Trump, you need to have the ban lifted, send them to the majority populated liberal areas, and especially to the states of the judges to oppose your ban.  I believe only then they will understand what you are trying to do, protect Americans. To the judges who blocked the ban, if it was because of a bribe from Obama from what the reports are saying.  Then shame on you for caring more about money then American lives.  You have forgotten why you became a judge.

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