“Keep your melons, keep your guns,” this weeks “The Walking Dead.”

The NRA and 2nd Amendment advocacy groups needed America to get a cold dose of reality regarding why the founders slipped that little freedom to defend yourself thing into the Bill of Rights and last night AMC’s “The Walking Dead” put it RIGHT INTO their face.

I don’t watch this show religiously so try to work with me here.


This guy is misleading a band of whacked out Power Rangers that think he’s God. Anyway, his poor, unfortunate gang is paying a King’s ransom of a tribute for shabby protection in a futuristic zombie world or something. After coming short on this weeks payout, he was forced to give up his guns AFTER one of his men were shot by his oppressors!

The very scene was a microcosm of intrusive, gun grabbing government. When the kid that looked like he got kicked out of the 90’s band Hanson got shot, I hope a light came on for many oblivious to the evils and ignorant to the history of Progressive government. Progressively bigger, Progressively more expensive and Progressively limited in rights. The statistics in the 1900’s Speak for themselves about how dangerous and deadly this sinful scourge upon the earth has been.

The number of people Communism (which requires gun control to execute it’s little wealth redistribution scheme) has killed in the past 100 years outnumbered the amount any great plague did globally making it THE DEADLIEST DISEASE (NOT LITERALLY) AMONG HUMANS in the 20th Century.

Credit hawaii.edu


Not pictured on that chart is Cuba. Castro’s Cuba immediately ended private gun ownership the second day he was in power. He dispatched his soldiers throughout the island using the on-file gun registry lists compiled by the Batista regime and confiscated any guns not approved by the government. Something right out of a television drama but for the citizens of the Caribbean island a nightmare that was all too real. An unarmed populace are simply victim to the whims of their oppressors.

Executions regularly took place against those who opposed the regime and many other dissenters were jailed for their failure to comply with the demands of the communist dictatorship.

The next time you are arguing with an emotional liberal about the facts behind the Gun Rights argument make sure you remind them about the time the George Clinton crew on “The Walking Dead” got robbed for their melons.


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