Land of the free, home of the brave.


Dear America

Much has changed in our land in such a very short time and I appreciate that many are concerned with how quickly these changes are occurring. For the last 8 years Barack Obama led the country into a direction many of us not only disagreed with, but which also made us fear for our safety.

So much has come to light recently regarding the illegality of some of the actions of the previous administration, including Wire Tapping, Financial Irregularities, Collusion with Russia, Selling Uranium to Russia, Loss of public funds, Putting American Citizens at risk, the list is endless.

Be in no doubt that the current President, Donald J Trump is the new sheriff in town and contrary to popular belief will be around and in charge for the next 4 – 8 yrs. Those who have chosen to march, protest, disrupt, throw rockets at Police, destroy property, assault members of the public, stop traffic and generally try to cause disruption are in for a rude  awakening.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle fill their Twitter feeds with attempts to trash the President, twist his words and generally criticize his every move. Senior Republicans like John Flip-Flopper McCain and Lindsay Graham spend their days dissing The Donald. CNN ignore facts and share their opinion as if it were fact and fools like Chris Cuomo spew Liberal Logic and tell us if our children in school object to seeing penis they are intolerant.

The world has gone mad and whilst they would have you think that this is just all coincidental and all because Mr Trump engaged in Locker Room Banter years ago and was recorded wihtout his permission. I am here to tell you this is anything but. Even with all of the illegal things Clinton,  Obama and Soros did to try and ensure a Clinton victory, America spoke, Donald Trump won and The Globalist’s are furious.

We are seeing Hollywood getting in on the case and trashing the President and not fully considering the commercial implications of polarizing ones audience. Rosie O’Donnell who has had a very public feud with The President recently ranted outside the Whitehouse. Nyet Sir, Nyet she ranted like a rabid dog, convinced along with the rest of the Hollywood has beens, she can bring the president down. Barbra Streisand had the audacity to tweet that The President was making her gain weight from eating extra pancakes. I mean really Babs? People. who eat  to many pancakes, are the piggiest people, in the world……….

Then folks, this week Valerie Jarrett (yes that Valerie Jarrett, with alleged ties to The Muslim Brotherhood) moved into Barry Obama’s new Washington pad. It is clear to those who are not foolish enough to be drawn into The Globalist Anti Trump BS that Barry is staging a big fat treasonous coup and everyone who has been involved in trashing Trump  is also part of that coup.

Wake up America Obama! Clinton, Soros, McCain, Graham, and all of those who are a part of this want you to not to see that this coup has been planned and sadly some of the American Public are far too stupid to see ever see through it.

Now is the time to stand and be counted and get behind our President. Challenge those who attack and defame him as part of this heinous Globalist Obama Admin Coup. Encourage the ousting of all Obama  appointees to The Whitehouse, Encourage the GOP to cancel the membership of The RINO”S who are part of this treasonous coup and give our President the support he deserves.

This is the final chance to make America great again and thank God we got a reprieve as if Hillary had won, she would have sold us to the Saudis in the blink of an eye. This is the land of the free, and the home of the brave and if we want to keep it that way, now is the time to step up and speak out and get the Globalists gone.

Love and Peace  Xan

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