Leading the sheep to the slaughter

Women's March on Washington

Is there more than meets the eye with the liberal progressive marches and protest?  It seems there is always a hidden agenda with these protest and marches then what they are supposed to stand for. It is sad because the marches lose all meaning and principles.

This time it’s with the women’s march.  True women in history have been discriminated against, but the march is irrelevant and pointless if there are hidden agendas. For example the last women’s march decided to exclude pro life women and it turned into an anti Trump march.  The main point I will be discussing is the fact that the past march and the up coming march is that the lead organizers had ties with Hamas, either by having meetings with them or aided them in killing Jews.  When it involves the murder of Jews, shows they support Sharia law which is the complete opposite of women’s rights.

Not only are the organizers supporting terror against America’s ally Israel, radical Islam portrays women as second class citizens.  In some Muslim countries, women are not even allowed to drive let alone vote or go into politics.  They have their women fully covered except their eyes and if a radical Islamist feels his wife is stepping out of line, he justifies using his religion to abuse his wife.  So again, how can you say you support women by having women that supports Sharia law?  Where is the fight and outcry for women who are abused in Sharia law based countries.  Women are being terrorized and  no one in the liberal world and especially Hollywood is standing up  for them.  This is why these marches are irrelevant and hypocritical.

To make matters worse you have Hollywood celebrities who attend these protest causing incitement by calling people to “resist” and not realizing the consequences of their actions, they have the audacity to compare President Trump to Hitler and blame him for rise of antisemitism yet will go on marches with organizers who support and aided terror on Jews.

My point to all of is, people need to realize there is hidden agendas with these marches.   They need to be called out because what these marches are doing is causing incitement to harm innocent people for their beliefs and values.  These kinds of marches are not helping standing up for what is right but causing a divide in the great nation of the United States.


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