Did Trump make the ‘RIGHT’ Choice in Reince Priebus Amidst Newfound Controversy?

reince-priebus-trump-mistakeAmong the most controversial decisions made by the new President during the infancy of his campaign was to appoint former GOP chairman Reince Priebus to the crucial Whitehouse Chief of Staff position. This is a move that left many who were looking for the new president to “Drain the Swamp.” Dissatisfied as to many in the Conservative movement, Priebus has in always been the symbol of a Republican establishment that has slowly continued to move further to left.

The RNC under Priebus nominated the moderate Mitt Romney for President in 2012. Romney, who seemingly did everything in his power to derail the election of Donald Trump even after his primary victory, laid the groundwork for our failed journey to socialized medicine with the passage of Massachusetts Health Care Reform in 2006.

Romney, a candidate more ideologically in tune with the new Chief of Staff handed the GOP the its only loss in the past 3 even year election cycles following the Tea Party’s rise to prominence in the 2010 midterm which led to a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and preceding the 2014 midterm where the GOP seized the upper chamber.

To many observers, Trump’s rise to the presidency occurred despite any efforts from a Republican establishment led by Priebus, as the driving force against the radical leftist Obama agenda was mostly the Tea Party Movement which was born prior to the former GOP chairman’s appointment.

Among the reasons Priebus’ involvement with Trump is a head-scratcher is the fact that he has stood against his new boss on a variety of key issues. Following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino CA by a married Muslim couple then presidential candidate Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Priebus responded by telling the Washington Examiner, “I don’t agree. We need to aggressively take on radical Islamic terrorism but not at the expense of our American values.”

Other high profile issues where the two Republican powerhouses disagreed were the issue of our illegal immigration problem and Trump’s pledge to support the Republican nominee. After Trump’s comments regarding the fact the Mexico was not “sending us their best people,” Priebus called him to give a 40-minute lecture and objected when Mr. Trump refused to honor a pledge to back the eventual Republican nominee a few months later.

Mr. Trump later shot back saying that Priebus “knows better than to lecture me,” as well as “We’re not dealing with a five-star Army general.”

This marriage of convenience has definitely hit rocky times as of late, and Priebus has been the subject of high-profile criticism as a result. Trump’s confidant Roger Stone told The Wall Street Journal that, “Trump loyalists are fed up with Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer whose loyalties are to the Republican National Committee, and not to the president.” On the subject of Spicer who was recommended for the Whitehouse Press Secretary position by Priebus, Trump is rumored to believe he is performing poorly.

These issues have also been observed by powerful members of the media. On a recent episode of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy questioned whether the new Chief of Staff was the best choice for the position stating his belief that Priebus, “is the problem.” I think on paper Reince looked good as the chief of staff — and Donald trusted him — but it’s pretty clear the guy is in way over his head. He’s not knowledgeable of how federal agencies work, how the communications operations work. He botched this whole immigration rollout. This should’ve been a win for Donald, not two or three weeks of negative publicity.”

What are your thoughts on Reince Priebus? Does the newfound criticism have some validity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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