Pro-Trump Rally Sends Unrelenting Message to the Left

Last week a Pro-Trump rally in front of Trump Tower in New York City made national headlines. The rally, organized by publicist Cindy Grosz, Reactionary Times Editorial Director Julio Rivera, and Conservative Activists Diane Atkins and Sue Ann Penna, drew over one hundred passionate supporters of the new president.

Fox News’ Bryan Llenas was on the scene covering.
Via Twitter:

julio-rivera-pro-trump-rally-feb-2017The purpose of the rally was to provide opposition to the boycotts and protests that have been dominating the news cycle since Trump was inaugurated on January 20th. Dozens of organized and well-funded efforts to delegitimize the election of the 45th President of the United States have spawned in great numbers around the country in the weeks and months since his election. With groups like DisruptJ20 and #ResistTrumpTuesdays trending on Twitter, our rally gave a refreshing voice to the national movement that carried Donald Trump to victory in the 2016 presidential election.
“People are tired of the rants, violence, and vulgarity against Trump,” Cindy Grosz told Pix 11 News. Grosz had come up with the Pro-Trump rally idea while watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards show and seeing how Hollywood was unfairly attacking the new president just days into his presidency.

“The outbreak of what’s called ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ in the mainstream media and Hollywood is dampening what should be a period of renewed patriotism in our country,” says Julio Rivera. “Americans stood up to the media’s attempt to shame conservatives and made their voice heard the loudest when it counted. November’s election was a referendum on the failed policies of the past eight years. 95 million Americans are out of work. 94 percent of the jobs created in the Obama years were part-time. Healthcare costs have soared. Fundamentally, hope and change were nothing more than focus group tested rhetoric and the country voted for the candidate they felt was likeliest to deliver on their promises.”

The Reactionary Times’ Julio Rivera at the Rally:

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