Cruz vs Sanders: How the Ideological Divide in the US Clashes

cruz-vs-sandersThe CNN debate on the future of Obamacare was a treat for political observers on both of the extreme ends of the political spectrum. For many watching, a new debate has pitted the two leading ideological purists in their respective parties, and bragging rights were on the table.

The far left’s favorite son, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, came in fresh from an impressive performance in what was discovered to be a rigged primary via WikiLeaks. The alternative populist voice, his clout with voters would somewhat sour when he eventually gave his support to Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Conservative Hero and Republican runner-up for the Presidential Nomination, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, spent almost 24 consecutive hours filibustering Obamacare in 2013 as he shot up the Republican ranks on his way to national prominence. The debate between the two political heavyweights was seen by many as an opportunity for Cruz to reopen his case against the disastrous healthcare reform bill that is credited by many for destroying the 40-hour workweek.
Social media weighed in with some interesting tweets that showed support for both arguments:



The interest in this spectacle was evidenced by the ratings where Sanders Vs. Cruz was highest rated cable news program in the 25-54 age bracket. Moderated by CNN’s Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, the debate averaged 932,000 viewers in the news bracket, beating Fox News Channel (720,000) by 29% at the time slot, and MSNBC (417,000) by 124%. It also outrated all CNN non-election town hall’s in both total viewers and with adults 25-54. The last townhall presented on CNN featuring House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, on January 31, drew 577,000 viewers, while the January 12 town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan clocked only 571,000 viewers.

Obamacare being the controversial issue that it is, it was no surprise that it was so highly successful ratings wise. While Sanders and Cruz both agreed that Insurance company profits had doubled under the Affordable Care Act, their ideas on correcting the flawed law differed greatly.

Sanders, the face of Democratic Socialism argued for a single-payer system when he could while Cruz pushed for less government intervention with products and pricing shaped by the free market.

After a thorough analysis by The Reactionary Times, we declare the debate a victory for Senator Ted Cruz, a clear-cut knockout that has a growing merit for the values of the conservative movement. You can watch the debate below and decide for yourself who ‘Trumped’ the argument. Please join in on the conversation in the comments section below with your own analysis.

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